Standards for the Use of Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) in Neurofeedback: A Position Paper of the International Society for Neuronal Regulation


  • D. Corydon Hammond
  • Jonathan Walker
  • Daniel Hoffman
  • Joel F. Lubar
  • David Trudeau
  • Robert Gurnee
  • Joseph Horvat



Background. This paper presents the findings of an interdisciplinary committee on standards for quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) in neurofeedback which has been unanimously accepted by the International Society for Neuronal Regulation (ISNR) Board as a position paper of ISNR. Method. The committee reviewed current standards for quantitative encephalography in other specialties as well as scholarly literature on QEEG. Results. The panel reached the following conclusions: 1. Although clinical research indicates that a full 19 channel QEEG does not appear necessary for conducting successful neurofeedback training, an increasing number of clinicians are using comprehensive QEEG evaluations to guide their neurofeedback training. 2. An impressive body of peer-reviewed scientific literature attests to the utility of the QEEG in providing a scientifically objective and clinically practical assessment of a wide range of psychiatric, psychological and medical conditions. 3. Many of the significant contributions to the field of QEEG have come from psychologists and the Board of Professional Affairs of the American Psychological Association has concluded that QEEG is within the scope of practice of psychologists trained in this specialty. 4. Unlike neurology and psychiatry, where QEEG is principally used for purposes of diagnosing medical pathology, neurotherapists who use QEEG primarily do so to guide EEG biofeedback training. 5. It is not necessary for a physician to screen raw EEG data as part of a QEEG evaluation for neurofeedback training. Conclusions. For the purpose of encouraging high standards, recommendations are made for areas of training and study in this specialty, for certification, for equipment/software, and for procedures in data collection and analysis.